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accessible design

Looking for a designer to delve into the intricate world of accessible documents for your business?
If you’re here you probably know that creating accessible documents for your business is an important step, but knowing where to start or why it’s worth your time and budget can see accessibility quickly banished to the too-hard-basket.

A word of advice on accessibility...

The most efficient and affordable way to create digital accessible documents is to build accessibility into them from the beginning. This will reduce the time it takes to implement accessibility functioning, save a lot of time and money, and ensure that the file can be used in the future with varying degrees of accessibility functionality already in place.

There are two ways we can work together to produce final PDF/UA & WCAG 2.1 compliant PDFs;
  • Collaboration with your inhouse design team to ensure the visual aspects are accessible, then I add the back-end functionality to the native file and PDF.
  • I take your content, and working within your brand guidelines, create the final file from scratch.
And while some people might be under the misapprehension that accessible documents are boring and unattractive, I can assure you this is definitely not the case. With a bit of careful thought and planning, documents can be stylish, get your point across, meet best practice and adhere to your organisation's branding guidelines all at the same time.

reports & standard documentation

fillable PDF forms

promotional material

annual reports & disability inclusion action plans (DIAP)

Together, we can create documents which are fully accessible and providing your stakeholders with a great user experience by:

  • Ensuring the correct font styling, layout, colour contrast, 
    heading structure and bookmarking is used which complies with accessibility standards.

  • Correcting background tags in documents, tables, hyperlinks and lists to ensure they can be read correctly by screen readers.

  • Implementing accessibility features in fillable forms and tables, while enabling access to all relevant parties.

  • Adding alternate text to images and items that helps screen
    readers tell the whole story.

  • Offering 18pt large print versions or purely universally accessible PDFs (PDF/UA / WCAG2.1 compliant)


I’ll take your brief and get to work immediately, enabling you to seamlessly make this important (and ethical) step and meet those integral deadlines.

Ipad, mobile phone and a pair of earphones sitting on a marble table, all able to read doc

accessibility testing

Colour Contrast Analyser

PAC 2021 (Checker)

JAWS/NVDA screen readers



WCAG 2.1

you receive

Fully accessible final file

Native files*

*The stage of accessibility implementation will vary on each document according to the functionality of the program.

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