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PDF remediation

so what exactly is PDF remediation and why do we need it?

PDF remediation is the process of correcting accessibility issues in an existing PDF so that assistive technology can interpret it correctly. This ensures all users, not just people with a disability or who are neurodivergent, can access and navigate information in the same universally accessible PDF quickly, easily and effectively.

The process can be complex, but the main component which enables screen readers to interpret the information in a linear fashion is 'tagging', which can be seen in Adobe Acrobat.

what is accessible PDF tagging?

Accessible PDF tagging is where content is marked-up to identify and elaborate on elements such as:

  • headings

  • images

  • lists

  • hyperlinks

  • tables 

  • fillable form fields

An accessible PDF is only as good as its tags, and a well-tagged accessible PDF will ensure your messages are conveyed in the way the document was designed, and all your stakeholders, including assistive technology users, can benefit.

reports & standard documentation

fillable PDF forms

promotional material

annual reports & disability inclusion action plans (DIAP)

If you're after a well-tagged accessible PDF, look no further. I can take your PDF to a standard that everyone can access. 

overhead view of 2 people sitting at opposite sides of a table, one scrolling on a mobile

accessibility testing

Colour Contrast Analyser

PAC 2021 (Checker)

JAWS/NVDA screen readers



WCAG 2.1

you receive

Fully accessible final file

Native files*

*The stage of accessibility implementation will vary on each document according to the functionality of the program.

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