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frequently asked questions

what is an accessible digital document?

It’s one which allows all users the ability to navigate the same information quickly, easily and effectively, in a way which is preferable to them, be it by sight or using assistive technology. Clear visual design and well-structured tagging are the two key elements which optimise the user experience.

why do I need to create accessible documents?

Accessible documents benefit all types of users, not just people with a disability, so it’s a smart and ethical choice for your business. It’s not just about meeting compliance and extending your reach… it’s inclusion.

how long does the accessibility process take?

While I can’t give you exact time frames without knowing your requirements, I can promise that my service is efficient and highly personalised. After my initial consultation I’ll be able to break down the approximate times for you, but there are many factors that speed up the process. Bottom line: the more organised you are, the faster I can work.

what is your fee structure?

Once I’ve nutted out the requirements for your job, you’ll be sent an estimate for the job based on my hourly rate.

will I receive all the files?

Yes, you will receive the final digital accessible document and the amended native files. Some documents will require a great deal of accessibility function applied at final file stage in Adobe Acrobat, so keep in mind that the natives won’t always contain all the functionality.

can I convert anything into an accessible document

Pretty much! The vast majority of files can be made accessible, I might just need to save them in a different format like Adobe InDesign and/or PDF. It’s my job to make it work for you.

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